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with our versatile communication features.

Communication Solutions to Fit You

Manage your communication needs with business VOIP systems from ACI Communications Corp in Jacksonville, Florida. Our connected telephone systems give you the power to get more done with more options in a cost-effective solution.

Communication Innovations

Excel in a world that is exploding with innovative technologies by installing a phone system from our company. The latest IP Telephony™ solutions help your business streamline communications and improve productivity. Add Unified Communicator Advanced services (UCA) to your Mitel 5000 phone system to give your business an advantage over the competition.

Managed Services Providers

Lower your costs within your budget’s reach and improve response time by remotely managing information technology services. Managed Services Providers (MSPs) simplify IT operations. By using externally administered systems, applications, and specialist services, our MSPs provide your staff the freedom to focus on other responsibilities.

Access our superior IT experts and applications without the costly and painstaking need to invest in expensive software or deal with operational backlogs and perpetual issues with IT legacy systems. Managed Services provide administrative services 24 hours a day, seven days a week to allow your IT personnel the chance to focus on their departmental goals. Now is the time to take control of your future.

Collaboration Solutions

Inspire team performance with conference and collaboration options. These solutions make it easier for employees, customers, and partners to work together as if they were next to each other, whether they are nearby or geographically dispersed. Ask us about the new UC360™.

Mobility Solutions

Learn how to maximize the productivity of employees on the move with our solutions for mobile phones. We secure access to authorized personnel like executives, salespeople, and service consultants.

Contact Center Solutions

Discover how to keep your customers happy for less money with our Contact Center Solutions. We help your customer service professionals become more effective with the options available through our system.

Unified Communications

Be in control of how, when, and where you want to connect and with whom, whether you're available or not. Chat, voice, and video options put all the latest IP connectivity choices at your fingertips.

Virtual Integration

Grow your business with reliable IP phone systems using Mitel’s Voice Virtualization Package from ACI Communications Corp in Jacksonville, Florida. With the many voice solutions available, this package has been developed with the quality you demand for your overwhelmed staff. Mitel has a history of being the favorite phone system solution for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Telco Innovative Technology

Keep your company at the top with our help. Global telecommunications provider Mitel has a unique take on unified communications. This is the first telco to re-engineer all its business applications so they run just like any other service on VMware's vSphere™ 4.0 hypervisor.


Mitel states its Freedom architecture, through a single cloud-ready software stream, delivers a suite of open-standard communications and collaboration features that offer freedom from closed architectures, such as those typically provided by large telcos. The Freedom system enables organizations to implement their own applications on any network, extends the "in-office" experience anywhere on any device, and offers a choice of commercial options.

Communication Options

Whereas most corporations run their human resource applications, email, and a cloud backup or data replication service in the cloud, now companies are able to run their call centers, PBX,™ and a number of other communications tools in a virtual machine.

It took a two-year partnership with VMware™ involving software development, testing, quality assurance, and beta testing to work out all the details, but Mitel Freedom was officially launched a year ago at VMworld™. The company already has more than 1,000 small and midsize business customers using it.

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office is a powerful, yet simple communications solution that allows your business to connect and collaborate in real-time without limitations.

Ubiquiti WiFi

Ubiquiti is a Wifi manufacturer focussing on companies in emerging markets that need an ubiquitous wire free network.

Wired Connectivity

ACI Communication has a wide range of experience installing wired networks. We have solutions to offer you reliable and effective connectivity using latest technology in Cat 5, Cat 6, fibers, copper and beyond.